Whitman County Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Pastime in LaCrosse
April 15, 2011


Present: Becky Dickerson, Bob Bates, Jon Kehne, Teresa Myott, Kristie Kirkpatrick, Peggy Bryan, Mish Stanley, Jerry Townsend, Tedd Nealey & Joe Smiley.

Becky Dickerson, board chair, called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m. following a tour of the LaCrosse Market and LaCrosse library. She asked if there were any additions or modifications to the agenda. The minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed. Bob Bates made a motion to accept the minutes and Jon Kehne seconded. The motion carried.

Peggy presented the financial reports. She presented the Budget Report and Account Balances Report. She explained that the finances of the library are in transition from the Auditor to the library this month. New reports will forthcoming at the next meeting.

Kristie presented circulation statistics for March, noting that circulation was up nearly 3000. She mentioned that the library is better tracking where library programs are taking place and the ages attending. In March 34 programs took place in daycares, senior or outside facilities, 35 took place in schools and 88 in WCL libraries for a total of 157 programs with a total attendance of 1341. Among these, the Living Voices program at the schools was a remarkable event.


Kristie reported that the library received a draft of a contract with LaCrosse Community Pride. A few small changes need to be made then a draft will be emailed for board members and LCP members to review. The contract will be a long-term lease that will run through 2027. A special meeting of the library board will be called when the contract is ready to sign. Kristie asked Jerry Townsend and Tedd Nealey if they had any additional comments on this project. Everyone agreed that is an incredible opportunity for the LaCrosse community. The LaCrosse Market will have a grocery store, library, coffee shop, Decca store, chiropractor and another business that has not yet been identified.

Kristie reported on the progress of the Endicott renovation. She, the Endicott Branch manager and Barbara Strader met with Inland Northwest Community Foundation at the Endicott Library for a tour. The foundation will make their award announcement the first part of May. USDA contacted Kristie and the Town of Endicott, reporting that this project is in good shape to receive funding if matching funds can be raised. USDA will make their announcement in May also. Kristie has submitted several grants for this project, but has not heard back yet. One of which she is hopeful is from Avista.


Kristie discussed the proposed meeting room policy. She presented Resolution #05-11 updating the policy manual with the changes. Teresa Myott made a motion to accept resolution #05-11. Jon Kehne seconded and the motion passed.

Kristie announced that Bev Pearce is the new Palouse Branch manager. Garfield recently hired a new branch manager, Christine Bowman.

Kristie announced that there was training for new branch managers on April 18. The Staff Development Day will be on May 11. A thank you was read from Shannon Roe, Malden Branch Manager, thanking the library staff, board and friends for all of their support.

Peggy congratulated Kristie on her two WLA awards. She received a WLA Merit Award for advances in library services at WCL. She also received a WLA Merit Award for Outstanding Performance along with Rand Simmons for their role of WLA Federal Relations Co-Coordinators. The board congratulated Kristie!

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:04. A board training session meeting has been scheduled on May 17 from 4-7:30 p.m. with a trainer from Washington State Library. Board members were encouraged to contact Peggy and/or Kristie with meal suggestions or preferences.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

Kristie Kirkpatrick, Director

Rebecca Dickerson, Board Chair

For more information, contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick at 509-397-4366

For a complete list of events and programs happening in all fourteen Whitman County Library branches, visit the Whitman County Library website or the library's events calendar or call the library at 397-4366 or 877-733-3375 toll-free.